Merry Christmas “I have missed all of you”


Happy Holidays

Many times we forget what this season represents or the promise it brings.

In current times it is hard to have trust in your fellow man,

as well as feeling Christmas cheer.

How many times have we heard someone say, “I can’t wait until this Christmas is over”?

We toil over decisions of gifts to purchase and how much we should spend.

Most of us try to value our gifts and their importance with the price.

Try to be a good neighbor, doing what is not expected of you and what you think would bring happiness and a feeling of unity.

Our children ask for so much and we try to fill all their requests.

Is this right?

In years past we were taught to give from our heart and find something of meaning to present to loved ones.

Now cards are mailed, with a signature much like an assembly line, with no personal touch.

The packages our children open are gone through so fast, that many times they don’t even know who they are from.

How many times do we just take a deep breath and make things simple?

Do the unexpected, show love where there is none, act on that which is in need of attention,

all year long, not just during the Christmas Season.

My sincerest wish for all, is to be grateful for all you have at this moment and all that God has promised.

I hope that we remember the simple things in life which bring us the most joy.

Remembering and honoring the birth of our Savoir should be our first priority.

I pray, along with the excitement that our children have over the tradition of Santa Clause, we teach them of the abundant love and the promise that the birth of Jesus brings.

God Bless You   From: Ed {Pan} & Barbara Rowe


6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas “I have missed all of you”

  1. We need to get back to what meaning Christmas had and embrace the human spirit above and beyond the gifts. We can gift each other with love and kindness throughout the year, and perhaps a meaningful tangible gift along the way. It would seem that even saying “Christmas” in this day is no longer appropriate. You can’t put a price on love and happiness.

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