A Child Brought Them To Their Knees “With Only One Hand”

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With Only One Hand

The congregation was seated,
ready for the morning prayers.
It was a beautiful Sunday,
so most of the members were there.

They said the usual announcements
of events to come,
then asked if there were any prayer requests,
and there were some.

Songs of praise and worship
were abundant that day.
The Lord was certainly present
as all began to pray.

The sermon was touching,
about loving one and all.
Then the invitation came
for those hearing the call.

An old man, all ragged and forlorn,
stood there alone,
requesting to join
and make this church his own.

Some snickered and scowled
at the sight of this man.
Rejecting the call to accept him
by not raising their hands.

He wept and cried out,
“Oh Lord, forsake me not.
Have your believers
grown cold and forgot?”

Just as he spoke,
the room lit up bright.
A glow around a small child
was the origin of the light.

The child raised his hand,
his was the only one.
He understood the meaning
of God’s only Son.

Children have a way
of seeing the heart
where grownups judge on appearance
right from the start.


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