If This Were Jesus!

Sculpture of Jesus Christ.

My friend told me this story and I wanted to forward it on to you. I’m not certain what post she saw it on, but it is a priceless lesson.

There was a church, fairly large, where the people were expecting a new pastor. They had not actually met him yet. One Sunday, during church services, a man who was wearing dirty clothes and appeared in a bad sort of way. He had asked the church to help him to get food because he was hungry. He asked for help because he had no home. The deacons of the church told him to sit in the back and they would talk to him later. When the deacons started talking to him, they said they were not able to help him and proceeded to go on about this Awesome pastor they were expecting.

The service went on and when the end was near and the call to come forward came, the ragged man walked up front and turned around and said, “You turned me away, not willing to help me in anyway. Is this what Jesus would of dome?” The congregation was not responding in guilt in any particular way, but rather callous to the man, UNTIL….

The man told them he was their new pastor and that he was sending them all home to think about what had taken place and he would see them back the next Sunday. All were ashamed , hanging their head.

You know, we will never know when Jesus might be in our presence. So, everyone should treat each stranger as they feel Jesus would want them to, because one day, it might really be Jesus we are turning away.

I thought the story was so awesome that this gracious, Christian Pastor came to see what kind of congregation he was going to have. I wish it was done more often to make people realize that we do not always treat others with compassion.


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