Old Days of Christmas

Christmas  Father and Son with tree

You think this beautiful scene would be a place in the past……but it still is like that back home in North Carolina.  I came from the Blue Ridge Mountains, where people still stick close to old values.  At Christmas time people are making real Christmas wreaths and roping.  Some go in the woods and cut their trees, but most buy one.  Ashe County, N.C.  is where Christmas tree farms are everywhere.  Right now I am certain it looks like a wonderland, just like on a hallmark card.  I miss the beauty and the wonderful people.  Neighbors are delivering goodies they have baked for their friends and family.  People still go caroling.  Church and family is the heart of the town and the values of their parents and grandparents.

I use to love every moment of each day spent decorating, sharing with friends and making homemade presents for many.  The little things seemed more important to people in the mountains.  Not so much hustle and bustle.  I can’t sing…AT ALL.  Even my children as babies would cry when I sang to them, so I go around humming instead.  My children are grown with children of their own and I am not with them, but my love and my wishes ARE.

Many people find the holidays extremely hard, for one reason or another and I can understand.  It is certainly not the time of year to be alone.  I have my loving and truly AWESOME husband, so I am truly blessed.

I would ask of each of you to look around and see if there are neighbors or the elderly who need a little extra cheer, a unexpected visit bearing goodies.  Every year I adopt a family or several people who are alone.  I don’t have to know them well but that doesn’t matter.  Each Thanksgiving and Christmas I deliver for a few days plates of food and baked goodies and maybe a holiday movie if they do not have cable.  So my message to you is….Spread a little love around and let no-one feel they are forgotten.

I pray that each of you have family and friends around during this season, but if you do not, my love and prayers are with you and we will remember you.

Merry Christmas and many blessings to you.


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