“Do they really exist?” A Husband To Cherish


I have posted this before, but I have another reason for posting this today.

I am very protected by my husband because of an attach on me years ago

and the fact that I seem to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. He says

I don’t have danger radar. Where we live is not the greatest because of

housing, so there are some unsavory people in the area. At his request I am

not to go out to the car at night or empty the trash alone, but I did, only to run

into a man who was high on something and coming toward me. Before I had time to react,

I saw my husband reach out and grab the man by the back of the neck and said calmly,

“Where you planning on going to the hospital tonight?” The man wised off at my

husband, but then turned around to see this mean muscle bound man with a very

angry look on his face, so he took off running. He had been standing by the door, watching me.

There are many reasons why I love this man, but one is his first priority is always, Me.

I pray that all woman can be so blessed to have a loving and protective, but not possessive mate.

God Bless you all, With Love, Barb

Heart of a Warrior

He stands brave through all adversities
Allowing his instincts to help make his judgment call
Even though he has a warrior’s spirit
His heart is loving and pure

All who know him, know he is selective in whom he trusts
Yet as a friend he is one for life
I wonder if he truly knows his worth to those in his life
Does he perceive himself as one who makes
A profound difference in this world?

If there were true battles in this day in time
One on a daily basis to survive
He could and would stand his ground
To any that stood against justice and humanity
Oh, how honored any would be
To be loved and protected by this man with
The Heart of a Warrior

My Loving Husband


6 thoughts on ““Do they really exist?” A Husband To Cherish

  1. It’s a good thing he was there watching out for you! 🙂 It is wonderful having a husband who watches over your shoulder so you don’t have to . . . I have been there too Barb, and I now have a husband who is a true hero as well. There is a world of difference in being loved by someone with a warrior heart and someone who thinks only of him or herself. He sounds like a real treasure! I love your love stories . . . keep sharing them!

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