Long Past Due “Lost Love”

I have been away from my blog site for some time now and I hope I’ve not lost my beautiful friends and followers.
We reflect on when times were not so hard or in years of our youth…another time…another place. I don’t refer to my own personal life now, for it is well and good.
All of us with any age on us have loved deeply before the one you are with now…or at least most of us. The aching of love that is so strong that you feel a part of you is missing if your lover is not close. Maybe the scent of someone walking down the street reminds you of a tender embrace in the shadows of the night, in a warmth of your bed.

intimate moments


Then life plays it’s own part in its winding turns and unexpected surprises…some good…some bad, but you cope because you are as one in heart and mind. You close your eyes and you can feel their touch, their warm breath as they kiss your neck, the whispers of love and promises that were meant to be kept. Love is such a fragile thing, yet so strong. Seems to be a contradiction, but ..Oh!.. so true. Over time there is always that special place in your heart that holds all those tender feelings for someone LOST; Love remains…your lover…lost, not to be found. Time passes and you move on, every once in awhile thinking fondly of the moments you shared. Wondering what happened to them. Where were they now? Were they alone or had they found love again?



One night you have a dream so disturbing that you feel a connection to them…an urgency to search again. Phone calls are made, ending in no answers to your inquiries…then finally you find a relative. So relieved to find some kind of connection to the past, you say, “I just wanted to see if they were alright. I didn’t want to wait until I got word of their passing.” Hoping they would be close enough to hear their voice once more. Maybe even say some of the things you failed to make clear. Every once, maybe twice in your lifetime you experience a love so strong that you both are always connected on some plain. You sense if something is wrong or if you are needed. The words you hear on the phone will bring you to your knees, leaving you gasping for breath. “He passed away last week!” Nothing more? The night you had your dream was the night he slipped into a peaceful sleep…never to awake. How do you cope? On the other side, does he know finally all the answers, all the pieces to the puzzle? I think the ones left behind remember, the ones that go to Heaven have no worries, only PEACE.

Widow on a tombstone

Copyrighted 2013 by Barbara C. Rowe




3 thoughts on “Long Past Due “Lost Love”

    • Thank you for those sweet words. Also I appreciate the comment on the post. It is the primary story in the midst of many stories, for my first romance novel. The person did exist! We all get our ideas from something or someone in our lives.
      God Bless you, my friend and I hope I can be more active on line soon.

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