“Whispers From Heaven”

Young pregnant woman

“Whispers From Heaven”

Some years ago I lost a child; a little girl, not born yet. Through my sorrow, I wrote this as a tribute to my child. It was a comfort and was later written in a card to another who had lost a child.

Sometimes, in our grief, we find peace that God has a plan, even in our darkest hours.

Whispers from Heaven

Angels sing in harmony

Softly in the sky

Preparing for an arrival of

One so special in our Father’s eye

They prepare a cradle and a pillow

Soft as the clouds

They spin a beautiful blanket of angel hair

Of their work, they are so proud

There is a golden ring

Hanging to one side

Molded of pure gold

For one so sweet could not be denied

Below there is a mother

Rocking in her chair

Singing to her child

She is soon to bare

At her feet there is a cradle

The best made by man

She has made a pillow and a blanket

She has done the best she can

There hangs a knitted cap

To place on baby’s head

Mother’s love reaches beyond all boundaries

That’s what people have always said

Our Father says, “She’s sleeping

This tiny baby girl

She is to be one of the tiniest angels

Of all the babies of the world.”

He holds the mother tightly

With loving care

He tells her that her baby

Is for all of heaven to share

A tear rolls down her face

As she watches the angels fly

Taking her baby girl

Up in heaven’s sky

In the realm of heaven

The angels sing

They place upon the baby girl

An angel’s golden halo ring


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