“Wounded Warrior” Something to “ALWAYS” Remember

Barbara C Rowe Author


A Thought For The Day “Wounded Warrior”


We as the American people have so much to be thankful for, but trouble is brewing. The sacrifices our men and women have made for our freedom is inconceivably costly. They give an oath to our country and its people, but our politicians will not allow them to pray, openly. FREEDOM of religion. I THINK that is in the constitution, but it is not honored by those in leadership. My question is…What are they fighting for, if their own beliefs are being taken away? I’m not a political person, but a true American, who wants to honor those who fight for our freedom abroad. As for here………in America…..WE, as the people, need to fight to take ALL of our rights back.

We, my husband and I, have 3 children and 5 grandchildren (which are still young), and it worries me what kind…

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