“Do they really exist?” A Husband To Cherish

Barbara C Rowe Author


I have posted this before, but I have another reason for posting this today.

I am very protected by my husband because of an attach on me years ago

and the fact that I seem to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. He says

I don’t have danger radar. Where we live is not the greatest because of

housing, so there are some unsavory people in the area. At his request I am

not to go out to the car at night or empty the trash alone, but I did, only to run

into a man who was high on something and coming toward me. Before I had time to react,

I saw my husband reach out and grab the man by the back of the neck and said calmly,

“Where you planning on going to the hospital tonight?” The man wised off at my

husband, but then turned…

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