Something to Share….”The Reason Behind”

Love letter

I tell this story for you to understand why I have written such a dark side to my life, then to overcome and be so unbelievably happy. I have a husband whom most would only dream of, three healthy children and 5 healthy grandchildren. I am not ashamed to say I have been married several times and experienced the death of a spouse and divorce. I loved them all. I have had special men in my life, each playing their part in making me who I am today and I don’t begrudge any one of them for misunderstanding’s, or just changing. I had parents, but in their day and time, the government did not help women with small children as they do now, so they each made their choices. I have been raised by many different people and even lived in an orphanage for a year and a half. Most the children there were from broken homes, not bad parents. As I became older, I realized that our perception of a “live happily ever after” does not accommodate reality. I was loved by all that cared for me. During the struggle to find my true self, which was a very long process, I did not have the guidance on spiritual matters, until late in my life: For this reason, I saw a reason to try to fill in the gaps with my stories and poetry, so that many would not feel they were alone. As a child, there were not as many books for children to find answers or to inspire to ask questions. I have 2 very precious areas of concern; one being the innocence of our youth and how to preserve it as long as we can and to recognize our elders for their sacrifices and their wisdom. Our country is quick to come to rally for children in need, but unfortunately, find our elders a burden to society. They wonder? Where can we put them so we won’t be inconvenienced, or who will take care of them? My answer and Plea is : We will and should, for they cared for us. Here our nation is so far advanced than some others, yet there are countries that cherish and even find holy, their elders. Have we become so callous as human beings? I don’t think so; we just need to be reminded, every now and then. Hope you have a wonderful week and God Bless you all, Barb


4 thoughts on “Something to Share….”The Reason Behind”

  1. As children are blessings, the old are the messengers. They teach us through their experience of life. We must respect them for their experience on earth. I respect your feelings. Thank you.

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