“The find of the year” One of many stories…They just think I’m an AIRHEAD, but I’m just unusual!

Barbara C Rowe Author

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During the renovation of my country home, many situations presented themselves. All situations, unusual. On this one quest of mine to find some Indian relofact, I did almost everything short of a TP. We lived close to one of my husband relatives that we had become good friends. All the time, she would give me history lessons and stories of the mountains and her family, including the immediate surrounding area. She took me on a walk one day, not a long one. Telling me how the lands use to be inhabited by Indians, and a lot of Indian arrow heads had been found, even a piece of pottery, she thought. I didn’t think much of it anymore until one afternoon. Cleaning up the property had become quite a chore for me, getting rid of all the old, odd pieces, racking the yard and racking…

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