“Turbulent Sea of Emotions” Poetry for the soul

Barbara C Rowe Author

“Turbulent Sea of Emotions” Poetry for the soul

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Authored by Barbara C Rowe
Turbulent Sea of Emotions is a book of reflection of thoughts, opinions, situations, and emotions from the experiences from the author’s life. She expresses, in poetic form, birth and children, marriage and divorce, life and death, trauma and peace, entwined in a journey of faith.
Mrs. Rowe’s “Turbulent Sea of Emotions” is a collection of writings about the many challenges in life we all face and the spiritual struggle and growth we experience. It has kept her readers spellbound and emotionally charged. This book has been used in church sermons as an example of people’s faith in God to endure all perils.
Mrs. Rowe’s perception and ability to capture human emotions in written form is unprecedented. This book has received great responses from people in every walk of life.


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