“My Vision” From Me to You


I apologize for not posting in awhile, for I don’t want to loose the ones that follow. God Bless all of you. When I was younger I wanted to make a difference in my life; Something important. As I got older, it was to leave a legacy for my children. Now, it is really for me. We all have visions to change the world or accomplish something great in our lives; Me no exception. The greatest thing we can do in life is sharing and loving, letting go, moving on and knowing when to stand your ground. If I touch one person’s life and make it the better, then I reached my goal.

Our mates that we, hopefully live out our days with, are so precious; They are our lovers, our best friend, our partner in life, but we do forget at times.

My vision is to be able to touch people’s heart, inspire them, embrace the moment, to better to improve what I do, uplift the weary, and most of all; Show my husband everyday, how important he is.


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