Effusive and Sensualistic



I am an effusive and emotional creature (in case you haven’t already figured that out). I cry at commercials that touch my heart. I smile broad smiles when others only grin. I laugh with joyful abandon when others scoff. Life is far far too short and Love is far far too rare not to share a joyful smile or giggle of mirth at every moment that presents itself.

(Now that’s not to say I do not get my work done, that I don’t ever have an off day or find myself stressed and in need of a frosty beverage or some other form of mental diversion, but on the whole, by and large…well, you see where I’m going, don’t you? So I’ll get on….)

I verbalize (perhaps a bit too much, now and again) how I feel, what I think, ways that moments touch me, dreams I’ve had or simply…

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