Seeds III ~ A Trilogy

Chimera Poetry


The seeds had fallen from the sky
and the tendrils shot up strongly and strangely
compelling in their aberrancy
as they hung like windchimes moving delicately
like they were tasting the wind
The panic, never far away, overwhelmed
and fire and bullets and chemicals
were all brought out in profusion
and the protesters made vegetative signs and claimed cruelty
and the governments all issued carefully controlled press releases advising calm
as they packed and flew to supposedly secure locations
while the tendrils grew sturdier and progressed across the streets and plains and cities
appearing with every eyeblink in new places
deserts, ice flows, salty oceans
all overgrown
all unchecked by any tool or scheme or entreaty of humankind
until the globe was covered
and silent
except for the chuckling whisper of wind in the vines…

*artwork by jakob hansson*

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