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Bountiful Earth


It’s been about a year since I began to “wake up”. Really wake up. I have been on my own spiritual path for almost 10 years now, but just recently have I really began to open my eyes to things seen & unseen. And moreso, to look within. To really sit with yourself & go within causes one to really be present with their past & present. For me, this is painful. But it is also liberating, scary at times, inspirational, transformational, revolutionary, & sometimes even joyful.

I wanted to start a blog to record my journey, just as it is. My spiritual path, my experiences, my dreams, thoughts, feelings… whatever may come up. But this is also my life, my soul; completely raw & stripped. This is a record of my healing journey & all of the rives & valleys I may venture through. I am realizing more &…

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