No Longer Yours

A Shade Of Pen

~~In the shoes of FRIENDHSIP that never worked because there were unfulfilled promises of love patched in it~~

I had let you rule me.. I let you feel like you were the centre of my world.. I always replied.. Quicker than “quick” ever meant.. I made you feel so special that you thought I was the doormat you will always have.

You NEED me to feel important, you WANT me to feel like you’ve grips on your life.. you think, I rely on you, I’m attracted to you, but it’s the other way round.. I’m the drug that keeps you alive.. I’m the HEROIN without which you may die.. I’m the last drop of water for your thirsty lips and today, I am no longer yours.

some why's have no replies

For too long a time, I allowed you to use.. I kept waiting, hoping, wondering, believing, thinking, sighing, wishing, praying that one day you…

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