the BED is the TEMPLE


tmp_CAM03027855769134 of one of the most mysterious processes of human life…is sleep

nighttime becomes a world of secrets …a world of colors…blues and silvers-black and white…of shadows and images…a world of dreams and nightmares…

our bed wraps us in comfort and security as we drift off leaving the day behind

a bedroom large enough to move around in, softly lit, with comfortable furnishings and a peaceful atmosphere

a room we do more than sleep in

some involved in magick set up ritual alters or work tables in the bedroom tmp_CAM04327295999922

there are traditional magickal sleeping positions for your bed to bring that magick into your life when your sleeping

the head pointing north increases stability, calmness, prosperity and it is the ideal direction for sleep, for the north is the source of magickal power

the east is associated with religion and spirituality, the point of intelligence, of sharp mental powers and freedom…

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