To All My Friends….(How deep is love?)

Barbara C Rowe Author


I wanted to share this piece that is copywrited for my first novel to ask you to THINK…How deep does love go?  How long is forever?  The story is true and dear to my heart, of a love that has passed away.

Letter to My Love


Each day I am without you

I feel hopelessly empty.

Each night I reach for your pillow

But, you are not there anymore.

The very thought of you consumes me

The silence in the house overwhelms me.

The door swings open

And I think you will walk into the house,

With your loving smile.

The breeze blows

And I swear, I can smell your scent.

I am like an empty shell,

Abandoned on the shore.

My voice can’t speak your name,

For fear it will haunt me.

Your things, I don’t dare move,

Hoping you will come back to me one day.


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