About “Fallen Angel”: To Remember

Barbara C Rowe Author

I posted this poem about “Fallen Angel”, because it was written for a grieving Mother who had recently lost her year old son. He was on a two lane road at night, not doing anything wrong, and another car was in his lane, causing a head on collision. I didn’t know the woman well, but knew the Sister. What words can you say to comfort at a time such as this? I wrote what I could not say. They buried him and as this very large family stood over the grave, this poem I wrote was read. I did not expect what I had to say to have such an impact, but it did.

We as parents, Brothers and Sisters and all family, don’t realize allot of time how precious each day is. Things unsaid, wounds not healed. Now we have our Sons and Daughters, Husbands and Wives, fighting for…

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