Another taste of The Home Fire

When I Became an Author

Here’s another excerpt from my newest book, The Home Fire.


Arriving at the train station three hours early, Kidd settled down on the icy bench and drifted off to asleep. When she awoke, the conductor was blowing a whistle and calling, “All aboard! All aboard for El Paso!”

Dragging her feet, Kidd boarded the train, after she saw to it that Chip was safe and comfortable in the livestock car. Kidd pressed her face against the cool glass, almost expecting to see Dan and Shey there to wave her off. Instead, she saw Rowdy, wearing a fur muffler and a thick scarf, standing by the very bench she had napped on. He didn’t wave. He just looked at her. His eyes were sad. If she could have, Kidd would have gotten off the train right then, but it was already too late. Slowly, the train began moving, and…

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