“Even The Angels Cried”

Barbara C Rowe Author

Arch Angel Outside Sanctuary

“Even the Angels Cried”

As a woman who seemed to have so much pain and disappointment in her life, one more thing was not a surprise. Beyond other people’s world of peace and harmony, family and friends, she slept alone. The nights tormented her with the same nightmare, her cries and screams in the night went unheard. Each year, she would think that maybe that year would come a man in shining armor, on a white stallion, to rescue her….But he never came. Surely God didn’t wish her so much grief and a life of fear! Through all times, she tried to do well, not take up for herself, assuming all was her fault… But it wasn’t.

God did have a purpose for someone to endure so much, just the reason wasn’t clear, for the moment. Prayers were said each night, with conviction and an earnest plea for help. Did…

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