Something to make you laugh. Enjoy!

Barbara C Rowe Author

I’m Goin Huntin

I have always thought of myself as being fairly self-sufficient, although my husband disagreed strongly. Maybe some would call me an adventurist, in an odd sort of way. Living in the city does not require survival skills.

My neighbors in those wonderful mountains were so resourceful; they grew a lot of their own food and many of them hunted for their meat. It was not reserved for those who had limited income, but just a way of life. Gosh, maybe with a little practice, I could be a hunter, as well.

I loved animals, but I wondered what I would do if a serious invasion of some sort caused me to have to fend for myself. Don’t laugh, I am serious. I’m not talking about aliens, you know, just enemies of some sort. We did not own a rifle or shotgun and forget about a bow and…

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