The Journey


I wish to thank everyone who has had me in their prayers and made comments or reblogged something on my site.  Also, I have received a most precious award and I will respond and contact each of you for your kindness and support.  Until then, God bless you all.  Each one of you are important to me

Sometimes, as parents we are distance from our children, either by location or an emotional issue.  I, as a Mother look back and see all the mistakes I’ve made and it is a very humbling experience.  For those who have had issues with their parents, understand what I am referring to.  The very thing we don’t want to be, or mistakes we don’t wish to make, become an issue when we are parents.  When our children are older and have experienced more of life, they can see through our eyes, but now…they don’t.

My book “Turbulent Sea of Emotions” is about my journey in life and the hardships and my personal struggle with my faith.  It has done well and to my surprise men seem to respond as much as women.  Sometimes reading a poem or writing that reflects on your own experiences allows you to feel you are not alone.  There is always someone, somewhere who has or is experiencing the same.  I hope, no I PRAY that from reading my work, some are able to relate and find comfort or validation of the things that have happened to them.

The Journey

Where should I start with this story of mine?
As a child, things were not good,
I didn’t have any parents, really, and was confined.
Happiness was for someone else.
My life was far from being what it should.

Growing up and in emotional pain,
I reached out for comfort, from anyone.
For all my efforts, in the end, I had nothing to gain.
Through all my youth, I just needed someone.

As a Mother at an early age
I really tried my best.
I was happy for a while, but it was only a stage.
Being a good wife was kind of a test

Now my children are grown,
Doing the things, I use to do,
And living their lives, on their own.
I’d love to have all those years back.
Wouldn’t you?

Now I’m growing older and afraid of what is to come.
I’m living life in uncertainty and fear,
Still searching for a mate, and there have been some.
Lord! There have been so many nights, a tear.

When I am laid to rest,
I hope my children know,
Their Mother tried to do her best.
She really loved watching them grow.





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