NaPoWriMo Day 7: Poetry: A Raven’s Musings


The Raven's Musings

A Raven’s Musings


Black feathers, black wings

Of a lonely death he sings

Is it always mischief he brings?

Listening to the Raven’s musings


Dark thoughts, dark night

Anxiously waiting for daylight

He spreads his wings at midnight

What a glorious sight


Shady plans, shady intentions

The Raven’s unknown missions

Or are these just assumptions?

Silently, the dark awakens


Obscure words, obscure whispering

I can hear a maiden begging

For a peaceful, painless ending

Death can be a blessing


Sinister bird , sinister beauty

His dark appearance sets me free

A voice filled with melancholy

Listening to the Raven calling me

– Just Patty –

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