She was born to be a “Ballerina”


She was born to be a “Ballerina”


When Natalia was born, her parents thought she was the most adorable little girl they had ever seen; But isn’t that what all parents think?
As a toddler, the small child was petite and more stable on her feet than most babies her age. Little do her parents know that babies dream too.
Little Natalia was dreaming of a swan. Now how could a baby be dreaming of something she had seen so young, and only once on a trip to the lake with her parents.

At three she began to dance around the house and sing silly sweet songs that her Mother had always sung to her from birth.

When Natalia was 10 her Mother took her to ballet lessons and she was a natural, as though from the beginning, she had alrbigstock-Dance-of-ballerina-on-the-ice–37356766eady learned the steps and positions. Each day she became more beautiful, as well as being sweet spirited. When the time came for her ballet recital, the people in the audience were astonished with this beautiful young girl. As years passed her skills and talent were known outside her small community; Even as much as a professional ballet company scouts were going to see her dance.






Years passed and Natalia was an international Ballerina, sought after all over the world, for her beauty and un-imaginable talent. She moved to Paris, where she danced with a prestigious company and that is where she met Stephan, her one love. The two of them moved with such grace and elegance. It was also obvious to all that watched them perform, their show of affection was real, not a performance.





One night after a performance, the two of them were leaving the stage and Dear Natalia was hit by a car. As she lie dying in Stephan’s arms, she said, “I see beautiful swans, Darling. Can you see them?” With tear running down his face, he tells her she has been hurt, but she repeats it again, then taking her last breath.

At her funeral, there were people from all over the world attending for she was so loved by all. On her tombstone, all it said was,

“Here lies our beloved Natalia. She was born to be a Ballerina, with the grace of a swan and the heart of an Angel.”


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