She was born to be a “Ballerina”

We don’t always know the true impact that our lives have on others. I pray I will be remembered for someone special who had a blessing to share! Don’t you? God Bless

Barbara C Rowe Author


She was born to be a “Ballerina”

When Natalia was born, her parents thought she was the most adorable little girl they had ever seen; But isn’t that what all parents think?
As a toddler, the small child was petite and more stable on her feet than most babies her age. Little do her parents know that babies dream too.
Little Natalia was dreaming of a swan. Now how could a baby be dreaming of something she had seen so young, and only once on a trip to the lake with her parents.

At three she began to dance around the house and sing silly sweet songs that her Mother had always sung to her from birth.

When Natalia was 10 her Mother took her to ballet lessons and she was a natural, as though from the beginning, she had alrbigstock-Dance-of-ballerina-on-the-ice–37356766eady learned the steps and positions. Each day she became…

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