“I Write To Share”

Love letter

There are always feelings we keep inside, for fear of being vulnerable. As I learn and experience new things in my life, I find that holding back is not good. We share our thoughts and feelings to each other with the hopes that others will not feel alone. That all of us share a common bond; Just being human. I have had a reader ask me if my life is all sad. My reply to them is that my poetry that I have posted is the results of a journal during a difficult time in my life and does not reflect how I am at present. My hope is that by sharing, I can help just one person in dealing with what is going on in their life. My writing goes from deep and sad to great joy, which is LIFE. Now I have a good life, a loving husband and all is well. All of you know: who are creative, whether it be art or writing or music: we experience highs and lows, that is what makes us create so others can feel what we feel, see what we see. So, I wish you all a great day and offer my friendship and an ear to listen if there is need. Take Care, Barb


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