The Redemption of Erâth: Book 2, Chapter 18

Satis Writes

And another chapter in a day…! I’m starting to scare myself. These are not short chapters.




Chapter 18: A History of Kings

The first, most prominent and unmistakable thing Brandyé noticed about the City of White Stone is that it was built almost entirely of stone whose color was so black he could scarcely fathom it. The size of the city was equally unfathomable, stretching for what Brandyé estimated to be several miles in all directions from the base of the mountain. Its buildings rose ever higher as they approached the foot of the mountain, which was itself a monumental cliff, climbing thousands of feet into the air to a snow-capped peak. Below this, dominating the city like a towering lord of darkness was a great castle, built part into the rock itself, so that it seemed to grow from the living stone. Its spires were of…

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