Spirit of Expectation


Spirit of Expectation

Spirit in me, don’t judge too fast

I wish for peace of my existence to last

Spirit, oh Spirit

Don’t fail me now

I’ll find a way to avoid expectation somehow

To those who mean me no good

I remember in the past where I stood

I’d go back to the beginning if I could

Spirit of expectation

Leave me in peaceful contemplation

I live for clarity of mind and heart

Let this restlessness depart

Let me be certain of what I have and have not

Spirit, oh Spirit

Allow me to remember all the good things I forgot

Not Alone

I remember times of my childhood

Times of sadness and grief

Not ever having much and so misunderstood

But I was not alone

Life has been a hard journey for me

Never knowing where to go

Too complicated and in a haze for me to see

That I was not alone

Searching for a home where I could be a part

Running to or from someone or something

Hoping to find a place in someone’s heart

But I was never alone

With the concept that children never leave you

That it is the parents that run away

My understanding of life was far from being true

But I was not alone

There are seasons in our lives, like chapters in a book

Each one having its own meaning

Measuring our accomplishments and how our future will look

But we will not be alone

I pray to You, Oh Lord, for love to come my way

For someone to share my life with

To be with until my dying day

So I will not be alone

For even in the valleys, You love me still

Even through my bad choices

And events not of my will

You see that I am never alone

One moment of peace erases a thousand tears shed

So my faith will stay strong

When I slumber I will dream of You instead

So I will never be alone


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