“If You Were Not Here” Take a look and think about it!

Barbara C Rowe Author

2013-10-04 05.55.11

You might think I am trying to make brownie points…being it is so close to Valentines Day, but my husband doesn’t ever read my blog. lol.
After almost 6 years of marriage and all the daily problems we all experience, I don’t take for granted…not one moment…of what is so precious. I am not ashamed to say I have been married several times, divorce and being a widow, as well, but all of them were loved in their own special ways. If not for ALL who have crossed my path…I wouldn’t be the woman I am today. Everything seems so special and romantic when you are dating and newly wed, then being comfortable sets in, which sometimes sets us up to overlook those special little things that keeps the romance alive.

Right now my husband is lying on the couch and asking me what advice I am giving. Ha! Ha!…

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