Will There Be Time For Me?

Barbara C Rowe Author

Will there be Time for Me?

Will there be time for me?
There is so much I wish to do and to see
I have places to go and people to meet

How could this much time go by
Without finding my place in the world?
Was I born to just experience pain, Lord?
Is there a reason for my heart breaking?

I have done more good than bad
And my works have been from the heart
Surely someone saw my deeds

I look up into the heavens and count the stars
And wonder which one shines for me
I smell the flowers and wish each day smelt so sweet
The winter of my years is approaching
But I have so much to do

Where is the hope You promised?
Where is the heart so abundant with love for me?
Where is the man of my dreams?

Surely I am…

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