Mother Mild


Especially for All the Mothers Today, whether you are a Mother of a child, or a Mother of a Beloved Pet, You are Treasured!

Listen, Dear, to my Sweetest Words,
And I Shall Cherish Your Every Giggle!

Mother Mild 1

Hold my Hand, oh my Sweetest Child,
And I Shall Hold you in my Heart Forever!

Mother Mild 2

Walk with me along this Path of Life,
And I Shall Ever Be Here for You.

Mother Mild 3

Talk with me As Darkness Closes,
And I Shall Treasure Your Love, Eternal.

Mother Mild 4

Blessings, Oh my Sweetest Child,
Your Loving, Tender, Mother Mild.

Mother Mild 5

For My Mother, Whom I Love More Dearly than I sometimes may say.
I Love You!

Beautiful Original Artwork by: George Goodwin Kilburne

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