Moment – for Prompt 55 Slowly Dawning Horror


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There was a moment when you stood upon the stair
and all the lights of the world coalesced
cascading in your lustrous hair, and men in rooms
played billiards into the night
And you thought you could still make it
You thought that you just might
You were perfection in a ball gown
A May Queen waiting for the fair
Until you realised what was really waiting there

The chosen girl now for the carnival you stand
as all the dreams of this dark city
on such remedies are planned, and judges old
are nodding as the sentences are made
And you thought that you weren’t frightened
You thought you were so brave
And you bow for the masked fellow
who comes to take you by the hand
There’s something here that you must understand

Years later you’re remembered as the special, pretty girl
They spread roses…

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