“One of a Kind”

Barbara C Rowe Author

2013-10-04 05.55.112013-10-03 09.10.52

I wanted to share something with my friends.  Everyone should have someone special in their lives, but some don’t.  My husband and I just celebrated our 5th Anniversary and it was as magical as the first one.  That sounds a bit mushy, but true.  After years of seeking to be accepted by my mates, friends and family….I found that you must first accept and forgive yourself and then the rest doesn’t matter. 

Through my writings, the ones I have posted on this site, I have shared through my poetry…my life and all it entails, good and bad and all the stuff in-between.  We reach out to people for so many different reasons, most are for ourselves.  The whole thing about marriage is about the other person (so my best friend and manager put it).  It is about all those little things you do for each other.  The things that go on day…

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