Raggedy Ann copyright@Barbara C. Rowe 2010

Barbara C Rowe Author


Raggedy Ann


Walking the streets is a small girl of five

With no one to wonder if she is alive

She’s hungry and cold, and no shoes to wear

No sleeves on her shirt so her arms are bare


Darkness descends, but there’s no place to sleep

Hungry and cold and no time to weep

Streets full of people, but they see not

This small, sweet angel this world forgot


Her tummy is aching with hunger tonight

Will she find food without having to fight?

So many without homes and no place to go

We all know this, but pretend we don’t know


Garbage was found, and she rushed over to it

Item by item, she began picking through it

She sees a hand and then a small head

A doll with hair all raggedy and red


With tears in her eyes, she whispers…

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