Which Realm Am I Again??

Brave Face Forward


Realm: the region, sphere, or domain within which anything occurs, prevails, or dominates: the realm of dreams.

I’m about to take you on a fantastical journey that is going to require you to have an openmind. Even for myself it seems a bit far fetched, and I wonder if perhaps I’m being a bit naïve. Then, I stop. Look around at people, and can actually tell which realm they come from. While this may seem more like fantasy than reality, I just ask you to remember that I too am also a bit skeptical; that is until I remind myself to remain openminded.

I just finished and completed my certification course with Doreen Virtue for the Earth Angels Realm Reader’s Course. To be completely honest, I am skeptical of any famous “psychic” and their source of information. I’m not saying that they really aren’t psychic, but I wonder how much…

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