Introducing “Muffin and the Junior Guardian Angel Posse” Book #1 “The Angel That Couldn’t”

Barbara C Rowe Author

First Of  A Series

Posted on August 7, 2013 by barbrowe | Edit

First Of  A Series


I have always loved Children’s books, when my own children were small enough for me to read to them.  They loved the ones with the beautiful pictures.  As an adult I have always had a love about anything pertaining to Angels, so my first of several Children’s books has been released.  It is about a small angel named Muffin who wants to feel important in Heaven and have a special task.  I am privileged to introduce my AWESOME Illustrator, Hugo Teixeira from Portugal.  He is well-known in his country, so I am happy to have him on board.  My book he is illustrating for June release will be the first of a series, called (Muffins, (Junior Guardian Angel Pose).  The series is about these small Angels being assigned to Children on Earth and the tasks they perform with…

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