“The Bite Of The Snake”

Barbara C Rowe Author

Bigstock_39056890 snake

The Bite of the Snake

Ancient people of faraway lands

Have their way of doing things.

The Egyptians are the most intriguing.

What strange events their customs bring.

Women all around are adorned in jewels and gold.

Workers slaving constantly, is what I’ve been told.

How does one become a mystical being?

How far back in time will it take for our seeing?

Worshiping all kinds of creatures and such,

The culture and traditions amaze me much.

Palestry was the maiden’s name, to all that would speak.

Her beauty was above all and left men weak.

Her hair was long, black, and combed in a braid.

The dress she wore showed a blossoming maid.

Only one man would have this gem of a prize.

But to have her hand, he had to be very wise.

Her father made a riddle, too confusing to understand.

The riddle was to stop the…

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