“Anything written from the heart is worth reading”


When I lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains I was a successful artist with a private studio I showed my work and taught painting classes.  It was a time of expression.  I didn’t get the recognition I wanted until after my prior husbands death.  I flew to New York, being still in a state of denial, but desiring recognition from a gallery.  I made so many phone calls and finally I was invited to go and meet with “who I thought” was the curator.  He liked my unusual art form and was willing to take my work if I could produce 10 in a short time.

After returning back to the mountains, I realized I was unable to paint, so I lost my chance for …Maybe… a very successful career.  During this time I kept a journal and wrote about everything, thinking it would remain private.  Years went by, still writing, but my life had changed because I had married my dear husband I have now.  It was he who encouraged me to share my feelings and thoughts concerning the journey I had been on.  My journal became what is now my second book “Turbulent Sea of Emotions”.  All of a sudden I had men and women contacting me, expressing of how particular parts of the book seemed to be about them.

Now I find myself sharing the book with Chaplin’s and Pastors and an occasional reading.  It has been a wonderful experience and a blessing.  I was told once by a very successful author,

“Anything written from the heart is worth reading.”  I encourage new authors to not give up and if you think you are not making enough money or no one wishes to read your book, I encourage you to continue on.  1000 may read a book and that is great, but if your written word touches and changes one person in a positive way, IT IS WORTH ITpromotional cover turbulentsea_72

10promotional cover turbulentsea_72

.Copy of Picture 264


Picture 265




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