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I am sorry for not posting this week, but have been swamped with work and ill. I hope all is well with my fellow readers and bloggers.

I am currently working on my first of a series of Children’s books, soon to be released. We are a bit off schedule, but I’m looking forward on getting it out there and hearing your opinions about the series.
My thought on writing this series is the lack of books that are Christian based. I respect all faiths, but I wanted to put a fun book, with great illustrations, for children that mentioned faith and good deeds, the playfulness and innocence of youth and the continuing interest of something wholesome. There’s all kinds of books out there for our children that are great, with awesome authors from all over the world. Question was to myself; How could the Children’s books I write be something children would like, but that parents would want to encourage them to read or to be read to? So my first release is about a small angel that wants to have a special duty in heaven and the things she does to acquire this.
I loved reading to my children when they were small and bought a book for them every payday. They were passed down to each child, so the amount of books grew, until a house fire caused us to loose them all. That was a great loss of memories of hours spent with my children and the joy those books brought to each of them. Now with todays technology, books are literally at our fingertips. The fact remains, parents still love to read to their children when they are small, hoping to instill good values, thoughts and to promote the love of reading.
My hope is I’ll have a small part in creating a world of interest and imagination for small children. So, I look forward to my readers and fellow Authors and Parents to read and review my work of love.
Until tomorrow, take care and know all is well.


9 thoughts on “Thoughts For The Day

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  2. That would be a terrible loss to bear. I am going to be looking for your new series. My kids are teens now, but my pastor’s wife reads to her 3 year old granddaughter and is always looking for something new!

    • Thanks for the kind words and yes, I hope you do go see “Muffin and the Junior Guardian Angel Posse” I am going to have to promote the old fashion way by tours, readings, churches, radio talk shows and news press. I want this series to be something parents want their children to have. We have been denied freedom of religion, by our government. There should be more Christian books for children. God Bless, Barb

  3. Hi, Barbara.
    I really look forward to reading your children’s books, I’m going to be re-exploring the genre once my novel’s out. I translated/trans-created a French song into a children’s lyrical story last year – verse – ans I’d like to make it into a series. I had a wonderfully talented illustrator for it, but then she became very depressed and had to back out. I’ve not gone about looking for another illustrator since, because her work is so good, I didn’t have the heart to… But I will, in time.
    My daughter is eight next week and is a wonderful soundboard and avid reader – what better!
    It’s re-inspiring to me to hear you talk of children’s literature, it’s so very important. I graduated from a MA in Literary Translation a year ago, and a certain professor, Gillian Lathey, gave the most powerful workshop on translating children’s books. Some of us were left dumbstruck.
    Actually, there’s a blog of mine here – – where I talk about translating puns. I eventually talk about translating Roald Dahl’s the BFG. You may enjoy it.
    When your books are finished, if you feel like a bit of a review, you know where to come, and where t you may also leave the odd extract. I’d be honoured.
    All the very best and catch you soon. Have a superb and peaceful day

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